Our Company’s Core Values in Action

Corporate responsibility is prevalent in the daily practices at Weingarten Realty. We not only see this as a requirement, but as a duty to our associates, patrons, tenants, investors, and properties. We commit ourselves to being a corporate partner of the environment and the communities we serve.


By owning, developing and managing environmentally friendly shopping centers, Weingarten Realty recognizes the importance of being a corporate partner to the environment. The GreenForward Program executes and measures sustainable practices in recycling and waste management, water management, energy management and alternative transportation.


We have a duty to support our associates, tenants and community. The Wellness Program is designed to empower associates to be more mindful of their overall physical and mental health. We offer assistance to tenants to improve their overall business performance – together we can be successful. We show our thanks and appreciation by raising money and volunteering through organizations that benefit the community, including our corporate fundraiser for United Way.


As a publically traded company, good governance practices set the foundation for achieving the Company’s vision and mission while staying accountable to stakeholders. The processes and practices through which Weingarten Realty manages its business activities positively impact the performance and long-term viability of the Company.


GreenForward was established in 2011 with the mission to increase shareholder value by demonstrating leadership in environmental sustainability in our industry. An elite team of associates were hand-picked to create the GreenForward team. Team members include associates with various backgrounds and job responsibilities within the Company in order to enhance the outcomes of the sustainability efforts.

The retailers in our shopping centers prove to be a force for change for the preservation of the environment. Therefore, GreenForward facilitates a program to educate and inform about the benefits and practices in order to be more environmentally sustainable. A component of tenant education is The Green FORward Tenants program. The program includes a yearly newsletter that is distributed to all Weingarten Realty retailers, restaurants, and service providers, which includes sustainability initiatives and achievements, as well as helpful tips and recommendations for being a steward for the environment.

Weingarten Realty Five Year ESG Policy

Click HERE to read Weingarten Realty’s Five Year ESG Policy to learn more about the core goals and targets for 2021 through 2025.


GRESB Green Star Designation

GRESB assesses the ESG performance of real estate companies by providing systematic valuation, objective scoring and peer benchmarking. Weingarten Realty has increased the GRESB score by 114% since 2014.

green lease leader
Green Lease Leader

Weingarten Realty was named a Green Lease Leader by the Institute for Marketing Transformation (IMT) and the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Better Building Alliance, which recognizes property owners, tenants and brokers who are effectively using the lease to drive energy and water savings in commercial buildings.



Weingarten Realty shares progress in improving
environmental, social and governance practices.


For over 70 years, Weingarten Realty has a longstanding reputation for exhibiting the highest ethical standards which provide the foundation upon which we have conducted business. These standards are reinforced through the governance-related charters and policies that guide our board of trust managers, our officers and all associates of Weingarten.

See Weingarten’s governance documents below.

2019 Annual Report

Annual Report 2019 Cover

Whistleblower Anonymous Reporting Program

Weingarten Realty Investors is committed to complying with all financial reporting and accounting regulations applicable to the Company. If anyone has information regarding questionable accounting or auditing matters, he or she is encouraged to report those concerns or complaints. The Company offers a confidential and easy-to-use Whistleblower Hotline and Online Reporting program that is available 24/7.

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