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Weingarten Realty recognizes environmental responsibility as an obligation and an opportunity to add long-term value to our properties and to benefit our patrons, tenants, and investors. We commit ourselves to be a corporate partner of the environment and the communities we serve. As such, we created the GreenForward program in order to officially implement and track sustainable initiatives across our portfolio.

Read our 2019 Corporate Sustainability Report and the 2019 Annual Report for an in-depth look at our sustainability initiatives, company accomplishments, and financial reporting.

2019 Corporate Responsibility Report
WRI Annual Report 2019

Weingarten Realty Five Year ESG Policy

Click HERE to read Weingarten Realty’s Five Year ESG Policy to learn more about the core goals and targets for 2019 through 2023.

Awards & Accomplishments

Green Lease Leader

Named a Green Lease Leader at the U.S. Dep. of Energy’s (DOE) Better Buildings Summit.


GRESB Survey Participant – Increased GRESB grade year-over-year.

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Finalist in IREM Real Estate Management Excellence Award for Best Sustainability Program.

Weingarten Realty Blog

Read more about GreenForward and our most current sustainability efforts on the Weingarten Realty Blog.


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For over 70 years, Weingarten Realty has a longstanding reputation for exhibiting the highest ethical standards which provide the foundation upon which we have conducted business. These standards are reinforced through the governance-related charters and policies that guide our board of trust managers, our officers and all associates of Weingarten.

See Weingarten’s governance documents below.


Whistleblower Anonymous Reporting Program

Weingarten Realty Investors is committed to complying with all financial reporting and accounting regulations applicable to the Company. If anyone has information regarding questionable accounting or auditing matters, he or she is encouraged to report those concerns or complaints. The Company offers a confidential and easy-to-use Whistleblower Hotline and Online Reporting program that is available 24/7.

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