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Weingarten Realty (NYSE: WRI) is one of the nation’s premier real estate investment trusts (REIT). We own, manage, acquire, develop and redevelop strategically located neighborhood and community shopping centers. The vast majority of our shopping centers are anchored by either a supermarket or a national value-oriented retailer. These anchors, combined with convenient locations, attractive and well-maintained properties and a strong tenant mix, help to ensure the long-term success of our merchants and the viability of our portfolio.

Our national footprint encompasses major metropolitan markets across the United States. We concentrate our growth in the areas we currently serve, allowing us to effectively lease and manage our assets through our regional offices. We offer Real Estate for Everyday Retail, so we stay abreast of changing demographics in order to offer our communities the products and services they each desire.



The Weingarten Story

A classic American tale of determination, hard work, innovation and ultimately, success.

Harris WeingartenNYSE certificateThe Weingarten story dates back to 1854, with the birth of Harris Weingarten in a poor village in Poland. A paraffin wax miner, Harris left Poland in the 1880s to seek new opportunities in America, eventually settling and opening up a dry-goods store in Houston, Texas. After many business ventures, Harris and his family launched the successful supermarket chain Weingarten’s.

Under the leadership of Harris’ eldest Joe, the family founded Weingarten Markets Realty in 1948. This real estate enterprise initially built the family’s new grocery stores, but quickly expanded into developing shopping centers. In 1962, Harris’ grandson Stanford Alexander was named President of Weingarten Markets Realty.

In 1980, the family sold the supermarket chain, which had more than 100 grocery stores in five states. This change allowed the realty company to build and focus on its relationships with other supermarkets and anchor tenants, like pharmacies and value-oriented stores.

Weingarten Markets Realty restructured to a real estate investment trust (REIT) in 1984, becoming Weingarten Realty Investors. On August 16, 1985, the Company held its initial public offering and was listed as “WRI” on the New York Stock Exchange.

In 1997, Stanford Alexander was named Chairman of the Board, and his son, Drew Alexander, succeeded him as President. Four years later, Drew was also named the third, and current, Chief Executive Officer.

Today, Weingarten Realty continues to offer Real Estate for Everyday Retail in Houston and other major metropolitan markets across the nation.



Weingarten's grocery store



Joint Ventures

Weingarten seeks both institutional and development joint ventures. We offer strong tenant relationships, strong asset management skills, the ability to source and analyze deals, market expertise across the country, product expertise and strong customer service.

Institutional Joint Ventures
Weingarten works with institutional investors on three types of joint ventures:

  • Programmatic Acquisition Ventures – for ongoing acquisitions of properties meeting pre-specified criteria;
  • Specified Portfolio Acquisition Ventures – to acquire an identified portfolio of properties; and
  • Recapitalization Ventures – for investors looking to buy into a portfolio of existing Weingarten assets.

Development Joint Ventures
Weingarten has formed numerous development joint ventures ranging from single-property deals with landowners to long-term, multiple-property development alliances.

Our ventures have utilized a variety of structures with the overriding theme of achieving an alignment of interests leading to a win-win deal for our partners and Weingarten.

Joint Venture Partners
Partial list of Joint Venture Partners:

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